Sustainability is one of the most critical and vital issues facing the world today. At MBB, every design solution balances four main criteria: exemplary design, optimal function, effective sustainability, and responsible costs. In our view, sustainable solutions—which conserve the environment, ensure human wellbeing, and reduce long-term costs—are simply another set of considerations to be integrated seamlessly into project design. 

With the goal of designing buildings that support environmental stewardship and promote human health, MBB actively maintains a current knowledge of sustainable design practices, which integrate the use of healthful, local, recycled, and renewable materials that have minimal volatile organic compounds. Our design teams focus on developing high performance building envelopes that optimize natural interior light and exterior views; in conjunction with properly scaled mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, these basic sustainable solutions become major factors in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and reducing energy consumption. Sustainable measures produce low impact design, reduce life-cycle costs, increase building value, and most importantly, enhance the human experience.

Committed to sustainable design, MBB guides each client in establishing an acceptable range of sustainable objectives for their project. Utilizing an integrated design approach, we engage our client from the start to articulate project goals, objectives, and metrics. In meetings, workshops, and charrettes, the design team and client collaborate to develop an in depth understanding of the project—culture and mission, context and site, purpose and function—and to come to full consensus on a feasible and practical sustainable vision.