MBB designed a state-of-the-art science center for St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s, clustering three distinct teaching spaces around a common bar of infrastructure and prep space. This efficient layout enables the joining of classrooms via large sliding partitions, allowing the science faculty to collaborate without the need for duplicate equipment. Clean and durable finishes appropriate for a lab space are punctuated by colorful graphics and display cases mounted at age-appropriate heights. A rooftop greenhouse supplements the lab environment, allowing students to experiment with both hydroponic and soil based plant propagation. Food grown in the greenhouse is then incorporated into the students' lunches prepared on-site.

Oculus, "No Place To Go But Up or Down," Lisa Delgado, Winter 2009


2015 American Architecture Award from The Chicago Anthenaeum 

2015 AIA New York State Design Awards Award of Merit 

2014 Interior Design Best of the Year Awards Finalist - Education: Youth 

2013 SARA/National Design Award of Honor

2009 Society of American Registered Architects/NY Design Award of Excellence in the Interior Design Category

2009 BSA/AIA-NY K-12 Educational Facilities Design Awards Award for Design Excellence

2005 Boston Society of Architects/American Institute of Architects Citation for Design

Photos © Adrian Wilson