After completing a master plan, MBB embarked on a series of additions and phased renovations that enlarged and transformed the building while allowing the school's operations to continue uninterrupted throughout the academic year. A warm but durable material palette provides the required flexibility to create varied environments for music, movement, art, language and academic  instruction. A sheltered and secure entry leads to a gracious lobby featuring display cases carefully designed to show students' artwork to best advantage.

Enlargements to the building include a new alumni center that transforms a windswept roof into a flexible multipurpose space flooded with natural light. This space is equipped with carefully integrated audio-visual systems and has adjoining storage and pantry spaces to support a wide range of events.  


2015 American Architecture Award from The Chicago Anthenaeum 

2015 AIA New York State Design Awards Award of Merit 

2014 Interior Design Best of the Year Awards Finalist - Education: Youth 

2013 SARA/National Design Award of Honor

2009 Society of American Registered Architects/NY Design Award of Excellence in the Interior Design Category

2009 BSA/AIA-NY K-12 Educational Facilities Design Awards Award for Design Excellence

2005 Boston Society of Architects/American Institute of Architects Citation for Design

Photos © Albert Vecerka / Esto / Peter Aaron