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St. Patrick’s Cathedral Rectory

The project comprises the restoration and renovation of the Rectory of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, an integral part of the original Cathedral campus. Home to nine priests, the Rectory also houses meeting spaces and offices that support the Cathedral’s ministerial outreach and administrative functions. The project included restoration of the exterior marble, roof, and windows, as well as significant interior spaces; renovation of the living quarters and updated office spaces; and sustainable upgrades of the building’s systems.

Exterior restoration included cleaning and repair of structural and ornamental marble components, as well as the reconstruction of the copper-clad elevator bulkhead to match the original. A comprehensive windows restoration project involved the repair or in-kind replacement of all components, taking care to salvage as many of the original “old growth” wood frames and sash elements as possible, and installing double glazing for improved thermal and acoustical performance. The building’s flat roof was replaced, and lead-coated flashing, leaders, and scuppers were restored.

The project, which struck a delicate balance between maintaining the building’s historic architectural integrity, retrofitting it with sustainable systems, and updating it for contemporary needs, was awarded a prestigious Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award by the New York Landmarks Conservancy.


  • 2013 Society of American Registered ArchitectsNY Gold Award of Excellence
  • New York Landmarks Conservancy2012 Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award